First time to clean fresh squids

Earlier, I was thinking what to cook for dinner knowing that there's really nothing to cook. Food cabinets are empty and the refrigerator had only 5 pieces of tomatoes. I can't cook anything using barely tomatoes, right? Then my father arrived from an out of town trip carrying with him a bag of squids. I think it weighs for about 2 kilos. After I saw the bag of squids, instantly, a good recipe pops up my mind. I get the bag from him and place it on the kitchen sink so I can prepare it for cooking. When I opened the bag, I found that the squids are not yet cleaned. For me it’s a big problem because not any of us have the idea how to do the thing and my mother is not around to teach me how. So I have to do something. I searched through net and found this site (actually it’s a Blog). It was really a great help for me. It provides the step-by-step procedure of cleaning a fresh squid together with some images that makes it easier to understand. I follow the steps and ooh-lala, I did it. Now I’m posting this Blog to return the favor to Miss Lilian(the blogger). Thanks to her blog. You could also visit Best recipes, foods and travel to see it yourself.

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