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Hello my readers! Check this out. Just found this article from a blog Home Organization Solutions. I thought of inserting this article to share it with you. This one will help you organize your closets and here it goes:

Closet Organizing

Closet Design:

One of the best ways to save time and money in a closet is to have a good closet design. A good design minimizes wasted space and makes it easy to reach and find items. Traditionally, closets were designed with one pole and one shelf. Today, there are many options for closets to increase efficiency.

* Set time aside for your project. If you need motivation, get a partner to help you.
* Sort through clothing and go through the organizing process to get rid of things you don’t use or no longer fit into.
* Organize clothing into categories either by function, size, or color. The system needs to be one that makes sense to you and your style. Think about how you use your closet and what would make things easier for you to find, retrieve, or put away your clothing.
* Determine how many long hanging items you have and measure how much space is needed. Then, determine how many short hanging items you have and do the same.
* Evaluate what else you need in your closet. Do you have accessories? What categories: shoes, hats, purses, belts, etc.
* Do you need drawer space or shelves for items that will not be hung?


Your closet system and storage options need to fit your style and needs.

* Hats
* Handbags
* Belts


There are many ways to store shoes and only you can determine what works best for you. Some options are:

* Shoe cubbies
* Clear shoe boxes
* Shelves
* Over the door shoe bags


Today, there are hangers to fit every style and budget: wooden, cedar, plastic, and metal. The important thing is that they support your clothing and do not damage your clothing. It is important to protect the investment you have made in your wardrobe by honoring it with the right way to hang and proper storage. The right hangers can actually extend the life of your clothing.

Out-of Season Storage:

Items that are not frequently used can be stored further away than items that are used every day or more frequently. Clear plastic boxes make it easy to see what is being stored. Sweater boxes are great for protecting garments. Under bed storage is great when space is at a premium.

You can find more organizing advices and tips at Home Organization Solutions. Remember, a home that is well-organized shows that the people living on that house or home has a good outlook in life. Characteristic of a person is also shown how he or she or they style, decorate, color and maintain the beauty of their place. Your home is your dwelling place and where you share good memories with your love ones so keep it a homey place for your family.

Featured Blog: Kawaii

I would describe as a cool blog. The word Kawaii is an adjective in Japanese that means "pretty; cute; lovely; charming; dear; darling; pet". So expect that cute things are seen here. The blog has been designed with colorful stripe background that surely attracts the eyes. The owner of this blog is Bernadet, a 17 years old teen. She had a daily blog posted discussing about this kawaii things she finds or encounter. There were also navigations that could help you make your blogs a kawaii too...hehehe. There were glittering graphics, adorable goodies, different generators and many others. The order of the navigations really impressed me. It is well organized that's easy to use and navigate through the whole blog. I hope you visit it soon.

La Michetta Modern Modular Seating System

Designed by Gaetano Pesce, an architect-artist designer based in New York City, La Michetta which is made in Italy is a modern, informal and colorful modular seating system that multiplies possible forms and arrange the ensemble with endless possibilities. La Michetta’s originality lies in that it is a fully modular composition that you'll be able to customize to your taste and needs. You can create your own style depending on how stylish, creative and unique you want it to be.

The name La Michetta refers to the puffy hard-crust bread familiar to Milan. No two michettas are ever the same, even when baked in tins; they always take on different shapes during rising and baking. The placement of the buttons on each of the elements is free and random, so each piece is unique. La Michetta as a system of modular components always remains unique due to the different manufacturing methods used for the individual elements – just like michettas. La Michetta is characterized by the variety of compositions that can be achieved by simply grouping the individual pieces chosen in a free, personal way, with no preset scheme and no limitations.

"La Michetta has a wooden structure with polyurethane and fiberfill padding upholstered in 100% cotton velvet non-removable covers in 15 colors. With a button-tufted design, La Michetta System consists of a seat element in two sizes, a backrest element in three sizes, an armrest element as well as an optional ottoman and an optional pre-established Poltrone Michetta Armchair. Every element of this extraordinary system could be upholstered in a different color and arranged in scores of configurations.

Optional items for La Michetta include the Poltrona Michetta comprised of four structural elements in plywood with padded polyurethane and synthetic fibers assembled on a steel structure in a pre-established “armchair” form. Poltrone Michetta is upholstered using the same cotton velvet fabric and could have up to four different colors. Poltrone Michetta is available as a left or a right armchair. Another optional item for La Michetta is the ottoman which is available in the same upholstery options as the La Michetta collection and could serve as a coffee table or provide additional seating." - From the description of eroomservice

Cocoon Inspired

What it feels to be in a cocoon? Have you think about it? If you want to feel that feeling, definitely you'll love these cocoon inspired collections from Futé Design. I haven't seen the details about this collection so I can't say what materials are used to make these innovative pieces. I'll still search for it and share it with you guys. For the meantime, I'll post the images then post the details soon. Enjoy looking at them!

ORBIT: Comfort under the sun

Put style and comfort outside your homes. Designed by Richard Frinier, Orbit Love seat has the futuristic design that will give you the joy of having fun under the sun, without exposing too much. Sit comfortably on this DEDON’s Orbit Love seat with elegant cloth canopy, which will keep you safe from direct sunlight and prying eyes. You can sink into the large, round sofa-islands as long as you want. There is enough space to be cozy, stargaze or enjoy the sunshine. It has easy gliding casters that will allow you to move it from one place to the other depending on your mood or the position of the sun.

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