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Be stylish, eco-friendly and save money this holiday season. Style your homes in different way. Shade store has been crafting custom window treatments for over 60 years. Their wide range of custom window treatments include: window shades, blinds, and custom drapery and curtains.

The Shade Store proudly manufacture environmentally-friendly Eco-solar Shades. All of the Solar Shades are GreenGuard certified and the Eco-Solar Shade material is 100% recyclable, lead-free, PVC-free. Their Roller Shades are approved by the International Oeko-Tex Association which tests textile products for harmful substances and human ecological safety. The eco-friendly Woven Woods include sustainable natural grasses, reeds and bamboo. And many of the Roman Shade / Drapery fabrics are made from natural materials using only Azo-Free Dye Stuff.

You could also design or customize your own shades online. Just log on to


Isn't it lovely? Personally, I like this kind of product. Everything that helps me and the environment.

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Cocoon Hanging Chair

Cocoon inspired furniture really attracts me. They seem cool but elegant to look at. I already had one post about this kind of design. If you could still remember the cocoon inspired collections from Futé Design that I featured. If you like those, definitely you’ll like and adore this Cocoon Hanging Chair too. I wonder if these designs would really comfort you as it comforts caterpillars that soon will become beautiful butterflies. What do you think?

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Rubik's Lamp

Rubik's cube, the said world's best-selling toy is a 3-D mechanical puzzle invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Ernő Rubik. Rubik’s cube is still popular today. Youth had fun learning the magic of this cube. Erik Pautz had a great idea of using this cube as an inspiration to make a majestic look for a lamp. He creatively designed the Rubik’s lamp much like the original Rubik's cube.

The Rubik’s lamp comes in two different versions. The first one is a simple white lamp with different textures for each face. The other version is a colored lamp that is much alike in color by the original Rubik’s cube. Both versions give an amazing glow in different ways. Rubik's Lamp is customized for lighting, and, just like the original toy, presents itself as a fun, challenging puzzle. - Via

More space for storage

I was browsing for some cool stuff and found this Space Bag item. I was so impressed how this bag can triple the storage space. It can also protect our things from bugs, dusts or even odors. Things can be much easier to organize with more space and space bag helps to do that. I really like this item. I hope I could buy soon. Maybe you should also try it. You could visit their site to know more about this space bag and some TV special offer which is very affordable.

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Be stylish for the Holiday!

This is the second time I’m going to post something about Zenni Optical’s eyeglasses. Last time, I discuss how important our eyes to be protected. Holiday frames in different designs. You can choose whether you want it as acetate, plastic, stainless steel or metal. There’s a wide selection of frames to choose from so you’d really love to have one for yourself especially that it is affordable and worth to spend your money on.

The first eyeglass below is worth $15.95 only. The Lens Width is 53mm with Height of 26mm and a Bridge measuring 18mm. The Frame is a translucent to dark green frame front, with white temples, tipped in dark green. The second eyeglass is a stainless steel frame in Gold that cost $23.95. The third one is also a stainless steel frame, a full-rim with flower printed temples. You can choose from the two color selection, the silver with red and white flowered temples, or the pink with wine and white flowered temples.

I personally picked out my favorite pair of frames and I hope you liked them too.


Many species of squid are popular as food in cuisines as diverse as Japanese and Italian. In English-speaking countries, squid as food is often known by the Italian word Calamari. I can say that one of the greatest foods that one can eat in his plate is seafood. Besides of the taste it has, it is very healthy to eat. Here's a recipe of Calamares I got from Mama Sita's Website.

(Squid Rings)

Makes 4 servings
6 cups
squid, medium to large-sized
2 pcs
calamansi or half slice of lemon
1 pouch
Shrimp Gravy Mix
½ cup
1 cup
cooking oil

Dipping Sauce:
1 pouch
Sweet and Sour Sauce Mix
¾ cup


Clean the squid, remove the head and cut into rings about 1/8 inch thick.

Squeeze calamansi or lemon over the squid, then wash thoroughly. Drain.

Combine Mama Sita’s Palabok (Shrimp Gravy) Mix and cornstarch.

Roll squid rings lightly in the palabok-cornstarch mixture.

Deep fry until golden brown.

Dissolve Mama Sita’s Sweet and Sour Sauce Mix in water. Boil and simmer, stirring constantly for two minutes.

Serve squid rings with Mama Sita’s Sweet and Sour Sauce or Mama Sita’s Premium or Young Vinegar with crushed garlic, salt and pepper.

Zero House

What can you say about this house? Isn't it stylish? It is nice to live in a home that is unique in style. The style is not the only issue in this house, also the efficiency of its parts. The roof itself is made of high efficient solar panels that provide electricity that can continuously operate up to one week without a hint of sunlight at all. For the plat lovers, it has a tank that can store for over 10cubic meters of rain water. That’s not all; the zeroHouse also processes its own waste products. All organic waste is processed in a digester unit and converts the waste into clean, dry compost. You’ll really love this house for it is completely automatic. The house is monitored and regulated by a “house brain” that can be controlled through any computer or laptop. Isn’t that amazing?

Scott Specht, the designer of the zeroHouse is really a smart guy.

Photos from freshome.

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