Happy Rizzi House

I was browsing flickr when I saw this colorful house (if it is a house). It looks nice and inviting. I searched information about this one and found out that an artist named James Rizzi was the one behind all this creation. I bet he really has a good and creative imagination. This structure can be seen at Braunschweig, Germany.

The conception for facade and rooms, developed by James Rizzi in cooperation with PROJECTTEAM, are a novum in building-technic and used materials, too: it is projected to create large parts of the facade as a silkscreened membrane of glass, that really illuminates the >Happy RIZZI House<. The architects refer as well to the tradition of joyful and bright colors of Pop-Art as to the architectonic visions of the luminous crystal of the Twenties.

This is how the model of the Happy Rizzi House looks like:

And this is how it looks like now in the city:

Pretty cool, right? There are more pictures of this on flickr and visit Rizzi House website for more information about the project.

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