Moss House

Moss House is a private house designed by Japanese Architect "Nendo / Oki Sato". This project involved renovating an old wooden house on the Shibuya River in Tokyo's Ebisu neighbourhood into a live-work space.

The hallway became a study, and the small Japanese-style room a studio.

"Veins of moss pattern the riverbank outside the windows, so we used similar veins of dry moss on the interior walls to subtly connect existing spaces with newly-renovated ones, and the house's interior environment to its exterior one. Most wallpaper imitates nature through a two-dimensional representation of it, and cladding the walls entirely in moss would simply have been too much. We wanted something in-between, so we applied the moss in a pattern that looked like wallpaper, creating an ambiguous texture that's neither artificial nor natural."

The same pattern appears on the cable outlet, and on the doorframes and door handles of the office, further synthesizing the moss pattern with the space.

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