I'm back to sit on a Coffin Couch

It feels so good to be back in writing. I had stopped writing for quite sometime because I had a busy month but now I’m ready again to share things to everyone. New ideas are one by one popping on my head. I have seen and read a lot that inspires me to write.

Now to start a new post for this coming Halloween, I want to share this stuff to people who fantasies “watching horror movies sitting comfortably on a coffin couch”. (Ooh that’s really creepy). Maybe someone who is reading this who had a character like "Sunako" – a lady who love anatomical models, horror movies and scary things in the anime “Yamato Nadeshiko The Wallflower” can enjoy that but not me…nah ah. But actually, there are really coffin couches in the market.

Coffincouches.com had release these kinds of couches not to scare you or give you Goosebumps. Coffincouches.com have the mindset of thinking "Green" and they know it is different but they strongly believe in recycling but it so happens that their niche is a 18 gauge steel coffins which they collected from local funeral homes primarily in Southern California.

One of this pre-designed coffin is the Black and Red Coffin Couch with a dimension of 83" x 35" x 28" made from recycled 18 gauge steel. It is constructed of 4" heavy duty padding and durable leather or vinyl with six steel legs able to withstand approx. 900 lbs.

This one is another style or design of a coffin couch which they call the Green Lantern. The dimensions and features are the same with the Black and Red Coffin Couch.

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