Many species of squid are popular as food in cuisines as diverse as Japanese and Italian. In English-speaking countries, squid as food is often known by the Italian word Calamari. I can say that one of the greatest foods that one can eat in his plate is seafood. Besides of the taste it has, it is very healthy to eat. Here's a recipe of Calamares I got from Mama Sita's Website.

(Squid Rings)

Makes 4 servings
6 cups
squid, medium to large-sized
2 pcs
calamansi or half slice of lemon
1 pouch
Shrimp Gravy Mix
½ cup
1 cup
cooking oil

Dipping Sauce:
1 pouch
Sweet and Sour Sauce Mix
¾ cup


Clean the squid, remove the head and cut into rings about 1/8 inch thick.

Squeeze calamansi or lemon over the squid, then wash thoroughly. Drain.

Combine Mama Sita’s Palabok (Shrimp Gravy) Mix and cornstarch.

Roll squid rings lightly in the palabok-cornstarch mixture.

Deep fry until golden brown.

Dissolve Mama Sita’s Sweet and Sour Sauce Mix in water. Boil and simmer, stirring constantly for two minutes.

Serve squid rings with Mama Sita’s Sweet and Sour Sauce or Mama Sita’s Premium or Young Vinegar with crushed garlic, salt and pepper.

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Hazelicious929 said...

I love calamares

Bryan Karl said...

I love Calamares more!!! Yum...

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