Zero House

What can you say about this house? Isn't it stylish? It is nice to live in a home that is unique in style. The style is not the only issue in this house, also the efficiency of its parts. The roof itself is made of high efficient solar panels that provide electricity that can continuously operate up to one week without a hint of sunlight at all. For the plat lovers, it has a tank that can store for over 10cubic meters of rain water. That’s not all; the zeroHouse also processes its own waste products. All organic waste is processed in a digester unit and converts the waste into clean, dry compost. You’ll really love this house for it is completely automatic. The house is monitored and regulated by a “house brain” that can be controlled through any computer or laptop. Isn’t that amazing?

Scott Specht, the designer of the zeroHouse is really a smart guy.

Photos from freshome.

2 sticky comments:

Julia said...

Those look like stacked shipping containers too! So if they are its a recycled building.

ifloor said...

Cool house there especially the flooring they build it well with a trendy touch it's like a hardwood floor you've got there.

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