Elegant and Stylish

When it comes to bath fixtures, faucets and showerheads do the talking. Kludi and THG exudes style and cutting-edge technology in this field. Take your pick from a wide-range of products-from classic to high-tech.

Lavatory Faucets come in different styles such as centerset, widespread and wall-mounted, so choosing one depends on the sink to be used. The number of holes is a critical factor, as some sinks and vessels cannot be drilled at all. Below are images of the stylish faucets I was talking about. I personally like the fourth one. It is a single-hole and single-handle faucet from THG which you would get at the price of $1,272.oo

Tub faucets are also called tub fillers so don't be confused, they are often chosen to match or complement a tub. They have a much higher flow rate than kitchen faucets, with which they cannot be interchanged with even if they often look similar. They may be wall-mounted, deck-mounted or freestanding. The first image is another product of THG which comes from their Waterfall Collection, the Niagra. Its a contemporary deck mount tub filler in chrome color (also available in other colors). The second image is a four-hole bath and shower mixer from Kludi.

If I were to be asked what bath fixture is my favorite, I would answer showers. These provide a spray of water that washes our bodies quickly and easily without the need for a long soak. There are many types of showers and one of the simplest is the showerhead. This is installed in a fixed position, usually above shoulder level. Other shower types are hand-held, body spray and shower tower. I admire the first shower from Kludi for its slim and discreet, yet confident and modern style. The second one looks unique for me because of its dramatic shape.

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