Hot Hot Hot!

Whether we are aware of it or not, color has different effects on our psychological and emotional well-being, one of that color is red. Red color suggests happiness, joy and good luck. The bright and and splashy shade is associated with feelings of passion, cheerfulness and exuberance. It can also be very seductive. Red is exciting and attention grabbing, so use it sparingly to achieve the look you want. Here are some home decors and accessories that will surely brighten up your homes!

Never lose track of time with this funky modern clock from the well known quality clock maker Karlsson. It features a metal and red dial with digits denoted with red balls. Get it from Contemporary Heaven.

Add a different ambiance to your room with this unique coloured table light by massive featuring a satin metal base and stem with a hand blown red coloured glass lamp. Grab it for a price of £35.00

Dispaly your flowers and give it a hot look on this attractive vase. Take a look on it at Home Temptations.

Fire up your bedroom with sizzling bed linen set from Debenhams.

Soft Harlequin Whirl floor rugs has an abstract circular pattern available in 2 colour varieties to give a definite sense of style to your room.

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