Play and Sleep

Play and sleep pillows help you to fall asleep according to Maja Ganszyniec, the brain of this design. Instead of counting hundred sheep to fall asleep, you could try this one. Each pillow has a bead trapped in between the layers of a soft fabric of a pillowcase. It encourages a person to play with it, following the bead with a finger in smooth, repetitive movements (in circles or up and down), or in a free way in a giant maze embroidered on a surface of a pillow.The repetitive moves performed while using the pillow help to fulfill the need of caressing and being caressed. Just like playing with hair, these subconsciously repeated gestures are a form of inner caressing. Loosing the tension the person gradually relaxes, to fall into deep, calm sleep in the end. But still, it may not work to everyone. I think it may also develop mannerism since you'll be attracted to play on it every night.

play and sleep
play the giant maze
go up and down
move in circles

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