Moving Into a New Place

It's very exciting to move into a new place - change of neighborhood, ambiance and a fresh new start. But one of the most exciting moments of moving is to fix up your new place according to your taste. But what if you are moving from a spacious house to a compact space apartment? Is that exciting? Here are some improvement solution for you that would be very helpful.


1. Let go of your old things you might not need.

These old things might consume the space of your apartment. Remember that you have limited storage space in your new place. You can sold your old things on a garage sale or give it to the less fortunate. Earn money from it or do charity work.

2. Know what are your priorities.

Keep in mind your priorities. This will help you know what to retain or to put away. If you are planning to buy something new for your place, your priorities will be your guide.

3. Add some storage.

Storage is very important. It keeps your things organized. Choose storages that are good enough to fit in the place you plan to put it. It's better to buy a larger piece than a collection of smaller ones, which would look more cluttered.

4. Choose flexible furnitures.

Having limited space means no-no for bulky furnitures. Choose things that are flexible and multi-functional but fits to your taste.


1. Decide on the theme before you color.

For example, an industrial style will go well with cool, metallic colors like gray, blue and white. Portrait in your mind the color you will use and see if they go well together.

2. Choose basic styles for major furniture pieces.

If your concept is not so clear, stick to the safe side - keep the major pieces generic.

3. Pull the look together.

Unify a look through color, texture of material, or style of an era. You can use accessories to tie together different pieces of furniture.

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