Bathroom Inspirations

In the most literal sense, bathroom means "a room with a bath". This is where we take a bath on our bathtubs or showers. Bathrooms may also contain sinks and other toilet fixtures. Bathrooms had become so modernized that you can style it anyway you want. Here are some bathroom inspirations I got from Bathroom Design Guide. Different materials, styles and colors are used from contemporary to traditional. I picked the best design for me.

I like the color of this bathroom. It gives me impression of comfort and calmness.

This bathroom is also nice. Actually this is my favorite. The color combination really fits to every detail. It is refreshing and as well, giving you comfort.

This one gives me an impression of "taking a bath on your bed". The whole room looks more of a bedroom than a bathroom. This is really good for people who spend most of the time on bathrooms reading books while soaking on their bathtubs.

What I really like about these two bathrooms are the showers. I don't know why but it is really inviting.

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