Light up your KIDS' Room

I searched and looked for something cute for a kid's room. Something that could make the room more decorative and child friendly. It took me a half-hour to find one and this is what I found. Below are pictures or images of cute lamps which are really made to lighten a kid's room. The first one is a Truck Lamp. Your little trucker will love to light his room with this wonderful bedside lamp. It looks like a real 3D truck that has great color coordination.

The second one is a lamp for little girls. The Little Girl Tea Set Teapot Lamp features a teapot, cup and saucer in shades of pink and purple! This charming lamp is the perfect way to light your little girls' room for tea time, play time or story time!

Both of these lamps cost $94.95 at They have other lamp designs that you will surely enjoy.

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