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I have browsed a lot of blogs this past few days and I hit one blog that seems very interesting. Nishas World of Interests discusses almost everything under the sun but mostly things about life.

I bet the author is a woman and a mother...based on what her written blog shows. There's this post of her that I liked so much, the one with the title "There's a clever little toddler at my home". I smiled after reading the post and thought that having a toddler gives so much joy. I just thought of that, but not planning yet to have one..hehehe. Reading her blogs gives pleasure for me. It's like that she was sharing her happiness with me.

For you Mommy Nisha...well-done! I really like your post. I hope to read more about your babies' progress and new activities. Inline with that, I'll make sure to post things that could help you on improving your home for your little angels.(",)

When I start my own Family, Nisha's blog will be very helpful to me especially on taking care of my kids to be..hehehe.

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nisha said...

Thank you so much:) You made my day.. I really appreciate the post and i gave you a 5 star for it:)

I am always open to advice for my kids;) please come over to my blog again..

It was so wonderful to have you write for me:)

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