Featured Blog: Kawaii

I would describe Kawaiipixel.com as a cool blog. The word Kawaii is an adjective in Japanese that means "pretty; cute; lovely; charming; dear; darling; pet". So expect that cute things are seen here. The blog has been designed with colorful stripe background that surely attracts the eyes. The owner of this blog is Bernadet, a 17 years old teen. She had a daily blog posted discussing about this kawaii things she finds or encounter. There were also navigations that could help you make your blogs a kawaii too...hehehe. There were glittering graphics, adorable goodies, different generators and many others. The order of the navigations really impressed me. It is well organized that's easy to use and navigate through the whole blog. I hope you visit it soon.

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Bernadet said...

I love the review!! Thanks =)

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