La Michetta Modern Modular Seating System

Designed by Gaetano Pesce, an architect-artist designer based in New York City, La Michetta which is made in Italy is a modern, informal and colorful modular seating system that multiplies possible forms and arrange the ensemble with endless possibilities. La Michetta’s originality lies in that it is a fully modular composition that you'll be able to customize to your taste and needs. You can create your own style depending on how stylish, creative and unique you want it to be.

The name La Michetta refers to the puffy hard-crust bread familiar to Milan. No two michettas are ever the same, even when baked in tins; they always take on different shapes during rising and baking. The placement of the buttons on each of the elements is free and random, so each piece is unique. La Michetta as a system of modular components always remains unique due to the different manufacturing methods used for the individual elements – just like michettas. La Michetta is characterized by the variety of compositions that can be achieved by simply grouping the individual pieces chosen in a free, personal way, with no preset scheme and no limitations.

"La Michetta has a wooden structure with polyurethane and fiberfill padding upholstered in 100% cotton velvet non-removable covers in 15 colors. With a button-tufted design, La Michetta System consists of a seat element in two sizes, a backrest element in three sizes, an armrest element as well as an optional ottoman and an optional pre-established Poltrone Michetta Armchair. Every element of this extraordinary system could be upholstered in a different color and arranged in scores of configurations.

Optional items for La Michetta include the Poltrona Michetta comprised of four structural elements in plywood with padded polyurethane and synthetic fibers assembled on a steel structure in a pre-established “armchair” form. Poltrone Michetta is upholstered using the same cotton velvet fabric and could have up to four different colors. Poltrone Michetta is available as a left or a right armchair. Another optional item for La Michetta is the ottoman which is available in the same upholstery options as the La Michetta collection and could serve as a coffee table or provide additional seating." - From the description of eroomservice

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