Amazing House: Orchid House

A breath taking house that offers flexible living spaces, with the main living spaces floating over the water, that’s the Orchid House. I’m amazed how the house was designed and incorporated with its surrounding. The house blends with its landscape and environment taking its inspiration from the Bee orchid that is found on the site. The organic form is created from laminated veneer lumbar (LVL) ribs and clad with timber shingles (tiles). The camouflage pattern is burnt in to the timber.

The house is part of the Lower Mill Estate in the Cotsworlds Gloucestershire. It is a privately owned, former gravel quarry of 222 hectares with seven lakes and three rivers. The development will include a spa, village hall, library and shops. The aim is to create a balance between nature conservation and built environment.

The Orchid House is designed by well-known architect, Sarah Featherstone. She is also the director of Featherstone Associates.

Images are from MailOnline.

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