Its a Piano!...No! Its a Table

A table with a sense of real greatness. The Concerto Table is a very functional table that appears to be an adaptation of the visual sensibility of an old baby grand piano. The table is really designed to be a musical centerpiece, providing an Apple AV Connection Kit with remote control which is compatible with all iPods. Just download your favorite music to your iPod then plug it in.

This innovative piece from Lovegrove & Repucci is made to be multifunctional that it can also be set as a dinner table or a home office table as well. Simply place your laptop and papers in the center tray and close the lid, instantly you have a working table at your home.

3 sticky comments:

Leo (Healthy Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle) said...

Wow! What an aweseome table! So cool!
I'd buy it! :)

Adie said...

My friend will surely love that table! She is a great pianist and is forever wanting a grand piano at home :) She only has the regular one though.

Cahprisl said...

Sorry Adie but sad to say this is only a table inspired by a Grand ivories at all.

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