Work of Art for Christmas

Christmas is coming so I decided to do some Christmas decoration for our home. I told my mom not to buy a Christmas tree anymore. We have a small space at home so a Christmas tree would not fit anywhere. Last year, we had a Christmas tree at the living room but it makes our home more crowded and it’s always on the way…so messy to look at. So I took out all the decorations we hang on our last year Christmas tree. There were lots of ornaments and Christmas balls in red, blue, silver and gold. I decided to use them again to decorate our house. I pulled out a nylon string and attached the balls together then put an ornament to give accent to the bunch of balls. After doing some finishing touch, the work of art for Christmas is done. I hang the balls in every corner of our home and I’m really glad that it looks nice. I’m planning to do more of this in different colors. Maybe you should also try doing this on your old Christmas decors. Why buy a new one if you could still use the old one? Just do some retouch. I’m sure they’ll be beautiful like the new ones. It would be more fun to do this with your Family.

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